Direct thermal labels DO NOT require ribbons and are used primarily in applications in which the label life is short. The print will fade after a period of time and discoloration of the paper is common. Direct thermal labels should be used and stored away from heat or direct sunlight. At Able Label, we have permanent adhesive (top coated and non-top coated), removable adhesive, ultra-removable adhesive, piggyback, and polypropylene labels. 

Direct Thermal Paper Label

DT - top coated - A medium sensitivity bright white direct thermal paper top coated for optimum environmental resistance.
DT - non-top coated - A medium sensitivity non-top coated direct thermal paper, suitable for short term shipping label applications only, not exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Direct Thermal Removable Paper Label (DT-R)

Direct Thermal Ultra-Removable Paper Label (DT-UR)

Direct Thermal Piggyback Paper Label (DT-PB)

Direct Thermal Polypropylene Label (DTP)