Automatic Label Applicator

Bottle Labeling Machine- Now you can label any cylindrical object with speed and accuracy. Label any bottle, can, tube, and jar with the easy touch of the foot-switch. Can label FRONT AND BACK! From .5" to 6" diameter at a speed up to 1200 Pcs. per Hour!

Some now feature automatic activation! All you have to do is insert your bottle and the machine does the rest! Foot-switch still included, but not needed!

Single Bottle Labeling

Front and Back Bottle Labeling

Shown with optional waste re-winder, $375


Flat Labeling Machine- This machine is perfect for labeling any flat objects! FAST AND ACCURATE! It can label envelopes, plastic bags (even if they have a zipper), CD cases, PCBs, unfilled flexible packaging, and more! Up to 1/4" thick at speeds up to 1000 Pcs. per HOUR! All you have to do is insert into machine and you areready to label! Adjust guides for vertical placement and adjust digital circuit for horizontal placement. Requires 7/8" from the leading edge to the start of the label.